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Meet Asia's Citizen Scientists! --Asian Grant Program Business Trip Report


My Village LS2 Community Action Research Team
-Research Grant for Asia in 2019

Throughout the 26th of June and the 9th of July, 2019, I visited Vietnam, Indonesia, and Cambodia to encourage the recipient countries this year (the 18th term).
Today, I would like to introduce Cambodia. The recipient of the Cambodian grant is the My Village LS2 Community Action Research Team ('MV' from the following), under the theme "Local Knowledge Acquisition: Monitoring the Impact of the Lower Sesan 2 Dam ('LS2 Dam' from the following)".


Philippine Movement for Climate Justice (PMCJ)
-Research Grant for Asia in 2018

From July 23 to 27, 2017, From June 24 to 29, 2018, I went to the Philippines to visit one of our grant recipients, the Philippine Movement for Climate Justice (PMCJ). The grant was awarded for ‘community participatory scientific research on the environmental and health impact of the coal industry,which comprises an environmental and health assessment of the area around the coal-fired power station. The local community participated in the study in order for the citizens to acquire knowledge about the power plant and an ability to prove its harmfulness if required.


Mongolian Sustainable Development Bridge
-Research Grant for Asia in 2017

From July 23 to 27, 2017, I went to Mongolia to visit one of our grant recipients, the Mongolian Sustainable Development Bridge (MSDB), whose research focuses on assessing “public awareness of Mongolia’s mining sector’s water management and radiation impact." The organization is carrying out social and environmental assessments around selected mining areas on its own, independently of any government or developer interference. They are also aiming at establishing Mongolia's first citizen science group as part of this research project.


Mong Pan Youth Association
-Research Grant for Asia in 2016

From the 27th of July through the 5th of August, 2016, I travelled to Myanmar and Thailand for visiting Ms.Nang Shining of Mong Pan Youth Association (MYA from the following) in Myanmar,which is the recipient of our 2016 grant, and Mr.Laofang Bundidterdsakul of Thailand,who had been approved as a training grant. Both support the ethnic minorities at the mercy of the intense dam project on the Salween River (an international river that flows from Tibet to China and Myanmar and parts of Thailand) in their respective positions and strengths.


Jari Aceh
-Research Grant for Asia in 2013

The Takagi Fund for Citizen Science has funded Jari Aceh, an Indonesian women’s rights organization from 2012 to 2014, and in 2015. I had the pleasure of visiting them on March 10-14, 2016 for the review and follow-up of their sponsored project, an analysis of the environmental damage caused by natural gas excavations on Exxon Mobile’ Oil Co.’s site in the North Aceh prefecture.