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What is "Citizen Science"?

Citizen Science may often be defined as crowd science or participatory science, because of the structured way for volunteers to assist professional scientists collect or explore huge data sets. Takagi's concept of "Citizen Science",however, has more profound perception. It came from his deepen concern that present-day science and technology are leading to threats to life and the environment.

It was also his concern that conventional scientists and researchers lack a sense of social responsibility, failing to take initiatives for constructing an alternative relation between science and people.

The concept of "Citizen Scientists" presupposes that science should not be monopolized solely by specialists engaged in academic research. Citizens need to empower themselves by developing scientific knowledge, technical skills and critical abilities.

According to Takagi, the mission of Citizen Science is "to give science a direction with a focus on hope for a future and to present a concept enabling the construction of a sustainable future."

He also added that citizen science must "sow the seeds of hope into the hearts of people, organize people, and generate a flow leading to a revolutionary change."

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