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About Us

The Takagi Fund was established in 2001 following the last will and testament of Takagi Jinzaburo (1938-2000), who devoted his life to realizing a nuclear-free society, democratic public decision-making, and advocacy of "Citizen Science."

His early career as nuclear chemist led him to question the basic rationale for utilizing atomic power. His research and engineering experience turned him into a strong critic of nuclear energy, both in military and commercial uses.

His wish was to foster and support the next generation of "Citizen Scientists" by establishing as a personal legacy a fund for such purposes. The posthumous establishment of the Takagi Fund as a non-profit body was complemented by massive donations from a number of concerned individuals, as well as organizations, all sharing Takagi's sense of urgency about assisting Citizen Science.

Since then, more than a hundred research projects and training programs have been provided grants in Japan and other Asian countries.

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