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Grantee in Japan

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Research Grant for Japan in 2013

Name / Group
Research Title
Amagasa Keisuke,
NO! GMO Campaign
Investigation of the spread of hidden GM canola and hybrid plants. 400,000
Higuchi Minako,
Citizen's Union to realize the closing of Tomari Nuclear Power
Studies to realize the closing of Tomari Nuclear Power. 500,000
Oda Yoshitaka,
Mother's Radiation Lab Fukushima
Activity and record of radioactivity measurement in radioactive contamination and a low dose atom-bombed place. 500,000
Mitsuta Kanna,
FoE Japan
Citizens-Experts Committee on Radiation and Health. 500,000
Okamoto Takae,
Lilium association
Working on Tokai Daini nuclear power plant decommissioning project. 400,000
Tsuchikawa Minari,
Mekong Watch
Research on Local People's Needs, Environmental and Social Impact, and Human Rights Violation Caused/To be Caused by Japanese Private and Public Projects in Burma (Myanmar). 400,000
Aoki Kazumasa,
Fukurou & FoE Chanel
Citizens' Delivery of Information for Nuclear Power Phase-out - Establishment of The Fukurou & FoE Chanel. 200,000
Kawasaki Kenichiro,
Citizens' Forum to promote the Act to support victims, especially children suffering from TEPCO Nuclear Disaster
Citizens' Forum to promote the Act to support victims, especially children suffering from TEPCO Nuclear Disaster. 500,000
Sato Junichi,
Greenpeace Japan
Nuclear Regulatory and Liability Project. 500,000
Sakagami Takeshi,
Citizen's oversight committee on nuclear regulation authority
Citizen's oversight committee on nuclear regulation authority. 600,000
Iiduka Toshiyuki 400,000
Fujita Yasumoto,
Citizen's Radioactivity Measuring Project Ibaraki/Tsukuba Citizen's Radioactivity Measuring Station
A Survey on the Radioactive Pollution of Lake Kasumigaura and its Countermeasures. 600,000
Toyoda Naomi
The Farewell Note: What the Myth of Nuclear Safety Has Led To. 700,000
Hamada Kouichi,
Investigation of actual conditions of pollution from Hinode-machi garbage final disposal and Eco-cement factory to the neighboring environment caused by harmful chemical substance and heavy metal and the radioactivity. 300,000
Takashima Midori,
Association for the Conservation of Nagashima
Yoshida Akiko,
e-shift (Network for Nuclear Phase-out and Energy-shift)
Policy works and awareness raising to realize new energy and nuclear policy with nuclear phase-out 600,000
Ishizawa Harumi,
Yusho center

Training Grants for Japan in 2013

Name / Group
Training Theme
Teduka Tomoko
Research on establishment of bottom-up energy supply system; -Research on the movements for energy autonomy of localities in Germany and Japan:Present state and Problems-. 700,000
Umehara Akira,
A research team of Cyanobacteria in Isahaya Bay
Impact of the reintroduction of the seawater by opening the gates of the dike on the toxic cyanobacterial blooms and the macro-benthic community in the reservoir of reclaimed land in Isahaya Bay. 700,000
Mori Sayaka
To Live with the River; how residents of Kuma River watershed who is opposed Kawabegawa dam create their flood control measure without dam construction? 360,000

Emergency Grants in 2013 responding to Fukushima nuclear accident

Name / Group
Training Theme

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