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Grantee in Japan

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Research Grant for Japan in 2009 (New projects)

Name / Group
Research Title
Izawa Shinichi,
Non GM Association Aichi
Investigation and prevention for the spread and contamination of genetically modified rapeseed around Nagoya and Yokkaichi Port. 700,000
Yasuma Takeshi,
Citizens Against Chemicals Pollution (CACP)
Investigation on Nanotechnology-related Problems and Its Safety Management. 500,000
Nogawa Mio,
Network for Indonesian Democracy, Japan
Impact study on Nuclear power plant construction in Indonesia. 400,000
Yamaguchi Hibiki,
People's Plan Study Group (PPS)
The Impact of the Relocation of U.S. Marines to Guam. 300,000
Maekawa Seiji,
The Save-Awase-Higata Association
A study on the protection of the ecosystem and the planning of sustainable use of Awase Tidal Flat area, Okinawa Island.. 600,000
Aileen Mioko Smith,
Green Action
Nuclear is Not the Answer to Global Warming Investment in New Nuclear will Accelerate Global Warming. 500,000
Kato Akiko,
The place thinking about the Sainokuni-resource of circulation factries
Survey of environmental influence around industrial waste middle processing facilities. 300,000

Research Grant for Japan in 2009 (Ongoing projects)

Name / Group
Research Title
Morigami Yasunobu,
VOC General Blanch: Association Consider on Chemical Contaminants in the Air
Variation of Pollutant VOC Materials in the Air. 500,000
Hamada Koichi,
The environmental influence survey of the Echo- cement-izes factory at the Hinode Town. 500,000
Suzuki Masako,
Association to Protect Northernmost Dugong
Development of Okinawa dugong conservation activity by grassroots. 400,000
Takashima Midori,
Association for the Conservation of Nagashima
Monitoring Damage of the Environment and Ecosystem by Boring in the Proposed Site of Kaminoseki Nuclear Power Plant. 700,000
Ban Hideyuki,
Researchers on the Aging Problem of Nuclear Power Plant
Researchers on the Aging Problem of Nuclear Power Plant. 900,000

Training Grants for Japan in 2009

Name / Group
Training Theme
Uesugi Makoto
Conservation ecological studies of Isahaya Bay concerned with the reclamation project. 200,000
Kimura Keiji
Research on Californian renewable energy policy. 200,000
Akiho Sayaka
Rural Development and transformation of rice production in Cambodia today-Focusing on "Food security"-. 300,000

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