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Grantee in Japan

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Research Grant for Japan in 2016 (New projects)

Name / Group
Research Title
Saito Kaizaburo,
HACASE(Hokkaido Active Citizen's Association of SciEnce)
Scientific consideration on problems of the nuclear power plant and underground nuclear waste depositories in Hokkaido. 600,000
Oki Kazuhiko,
Citizen's radiation measurement laboratory Kyushu (Qbeku)
The development of the off grid air sampler and arrangement to the Tohoku district. Establishment of the filter laboratory procedure by the autoradiography. 450,000
Hayashi Gohei,
OPT (Ootama village Paddy field Tensegrity)
Survey of radiation shield effect of paddy fields and practical study to utilize fallow paddy fields. 300,000
Fujiwara Haruka
Policy Studies for Victims Livelihood Reconstruction after The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster. 300,000
Okubo Nami
Investigation of marine biota in Kotsubo-Osaki, Zushi city in order to protect from breakwater construction. 500,000
Miki Yukiko,
Access-info Clearinghouse Japan
The analysis and evaluation on the results of government's researches by contractors regarding Fukushima nuclear station's incident. 400,000
Saruta Sayo,
New Diplomacy Initiative
Nuclear Energy Policy in the U.S. Administration, Political Community and Academic Community:Seeking the Collaboration Possibility. 800,000
Kishi Mayuko,
Organization for Conservation of Komagane
Ishimaru Hidetake,
Minnano Data Site
Obayashi Minoru,
Concerned Citizen Group with the Development of Mozambique-Japan
Peasants-driven International Joint Research and Advocacy: Impacts of the Japanese Public-Private Involvements in "Corridor Development" on Local Peasants. 650,000

Research Grant for Japan in 2016(Ongoing projects)

Name / Group
Research Title
Takashima Midori,
Association for the Conservation of Nagashima
Ecology and bait resources investigation into rare seabird in the Kaminoseki Nuclear Power Plant planned site around sea area. 400,000
Morigami Noriyasu,
NPO Toxic Volatile Organic Compounds In The Air Research Association
Investigation on source and distribution of toxic volatile organic compounds around communities-continuation. 400,000
Tanaka Mitsuhiko,
Mokkai Jikocho (Accident Investigation, Again)
Detailed Examination on the causes and processes of the Fukushima Daiichi NPP Accident and comparative investigation on the regulatory standards of safety aspect of NPPs in Japan, USA and Euros. 500,000
Sawai Masako,
Citizens' Nuclear Information Center
Study on the method of building social consent and achieving safety confirmation in the process of selecting high-level radioactive waste repository site. Part2 400,000
Aoki Kazumasa,
Citizens Against Fukushima Aging Nuclear Power Plants (Fukuro-no-Kai)
Survey of radioactive contamination affecting living environments after the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant disaster and attempts to minimize resident's radiation exposure. 500,000
Mitsuta Kanna,
FoE Japan
Set up an medical and legal contact and information platform for health damage regarding to Fukushima Nuclear Accident. 500,000
Sakagami Takeshi,
Citizen's Eyes on Nuclear Regulation
Citizen's Eyes on Nuclear Regulation. 400,000
Mawkawa Seiji,
The Save-Awase-Higata Association
Survey of coral communities of Awase tidal flat, Okinawa City, Okinawa prefecture. 500,000
Yoshida Akiko,
e-shift (Network for Nuclear Phase-out and Energy-shift)
Challenge to the liberalization of electric power market research on renewable energy company and information sharing. 400,000

Research Grant for Japan (Special project) 2015-2019

Name / Group
Research Title
Oda Yoshitaka,
Mother's Radiation Lab Fukushima

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