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Grantee in Japan

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Research Grant for Japan in 2002 (Individual)

Name / Group
Research Title
TAKEMINE Seiichiro How it was Described in the Eyes of People Live near the Nuclear Site as a Case of Hibakusya of Ailuk; a Nuclear Testing by US in the Marshall Islands. 1,600,000
MIZUNO Reiko Studies on the Changes of the Sex Ratio at Births and Fetal Deaths in Some Prefectures of Japan. 600,000
KUWAGAKI Yutaka The Survey on the Real Situation of Material Flow in the Recycle Process and the Evaluation - Plastic, Concrete, Food oil. 500,000

Research Grant for Japan in 2002 (Group)

Name / Group
Research Title
BAN Hideyuki,
Research Group for Geological Disposal Problems
The Problems of HLW Geological Disposal Program in Japan 2,000,000
Okinawa Environmental Network
Researches; (1) Basic Research on Environmental Impacts of US Military Facilities and Activities in Okinawa (2) A Feasibility Study to Build a Technical Support System among Stakeholders. 1,000,000
The Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity of Nagashima Island (ACoBiNI)
The Overall State of Nagashima's Natural Environment and Ecosystem. 1,000,000
HIMENO Masayoshi
Research on so-called "Green Dam" Effect, Flood Control using High Potential of Forest to Reserve Rainwater. 1,000,000
HAMADA Koichi,
Tamaajisai no Kai
The Environmental Impact Research of the Cement Plant in Hinode-Machi Using Ashes from Incinerators and the public awareness. 750,000

Training Grants for Japan in 2002

Name / Group
Training Theme
ASANO Kenji The Policies for Renewable Energy under Energy Liberalization in EU area. 1,700,000
KUNIZAWA Rinako Microcredit Institutes in China as a Possible Solution of the China's Dilemma after Opening the Market. 650,000
OKUSHIMA Humiaki The Historical Process to the Abolishment of Commercial Atomic Energy in Germany. 500,000

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