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What We Fund

What we prefer to fund

  • Projects which tackle urgent issues in which science and technology are threatening civil society and environment, and related policy issues.
  • Projects which contribute to enhancing human rights, human security, conservation of nature, alternative economy and peace for all citizens without exclusion of the most disadvantaged.
  • Projects which have imagination and conceptual power, backed by expertise and appropriate methodology, with planning and budget adequately designed.
  • Projects which have a clear and practical vision of how to apply the findings to society or to calling for policy changes.
  • Projects dealing with issues for which the Japanese government and/or corporations are partly or fully responsible.
  • Projects which are implemented in a peaceful manner employing non-violent means only.

* A comprehensive list of previous grantees can be found at here.

What we may not fund

  • Project on a topic with a needed level of support which has a high possibility of receiving public funding or support from corporations.
  • Project submitted by a large group or a well-established institution that have the ability to secure their own funding sources.
  • Project which allocates its budget mainly to outsourcing to other researchers.
  • Project which allocates its budget mostly to administrative costs, salaries and campaigns.

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