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Grantee in Japan

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Research Grant for Japan in 2007

Name / Group
Research Title
MAEDA Toshinori,
Western Saitama Group to Protect Soil, Water & Air
Survey of Lead Contamination in Soil Samples of Mountains Consisting of Wastes (Illegal Disposal of Industrial Wastes). 300,000
Research Group of the Chikuma River Sedimentation,JILES
Research on the River Sedimentation and Flood Disasters in the Chikuma River. 500,000
ENDO Kunio,
Minamata Disease Center Soshisha
Research on Geological Feature around the Planned Industrial Waste Disposal Site in Minamata City. 400,000
SATO Reiko,
Yusho Support Center
To hold an NGO Session in International Conference on Dioxin and making an English Edition of the "Yusho" Booklet. 600,000
GOTO Ayumi,
Mekong Watch
Study on Vietnam's Hydropower Development in the Mekong Tributaries and its Transboundary Environmental and Social Impact in Downstream Cambodia. 500,000
MORIGAMI Noriyasu,
VOC General Blanch: Association Consider on Chemical Contaminants in the Air and Health
Consideration of a Simple Chromatograph Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds in the Air. 600,000
ITO Masahisa,
Sanbanze Observation Citizens Group
Biological Investigations of Oyster Reefs in Sanbanze. 300,000
Association for the Conservation of Nagashima Island
Monitoring Damage of the Environment and Ecosystem by Boring in the Proposed Site of Kaminoseki Nuclear Power Plant. 1,200,000
SUZUKI Masako,
Association to Protect Northernmost Dugong
The Field Survey of Dugong and Their Habitat in Okinawa Involving Local Community. 700,000
AIKAWA Yoichi The Sanrizuka Struggle for Supporters -- Interviews with "People Stay Active" in Various Places. 700,000
HIWASA Ayako Gender and Development in the Context of Cambodia: Study on Transition of Gender and Women's Empowerment in Urban and Rural Communities. 300,000
ABE Etsuko,
Pan Seto Inland Sea Congress
Biota Investigation System on the Seto Inland Sea Intertidal Zones and Local Community Revival through the Investigation. 300,000

Training Grants for Japan in 2007

Name / Group
Training Theme
AKIYAMA Akiko Re-thinking of Market-Driven Organic Agriculture: "Food Security" Market in India, Europe and Japan. 500,000
FURUYA Shota Research on Political Mechanism for Energy Paradigm Shift--- Implication from the Back Side of "Making Sweden an OIL-FREE Society". 650,000

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