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Grantee in Japan

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Research Grant for Japan in 2003

Name / Group
Research Title
MIZUNO Reiko Pattern Analysis of Adverse Health Effect from Regional Exposure to Toxic Chemicals as Suginami Diseases 500,000
USUI Kanji A Study on Efficiency about the Environmental Considerations of Japanese Agencies treating Development Assistance and International Finance Operation
A case study on infrastructure projects in the Philippines
Research Group for Geological Disposal Problems
Critical Investigation of Geological Disposal of Nuclear Waste in Japan 1,200,000
Citizens against Formaldehyde leaving in the Sea Around the Amakusa Islands
1) Research on the Actual Use of Formalin by Aquaculture
2) Study on Assessment Affecting onto the Environment of Formalin Discharged into the Sea
BAN Hideyuki,
Citizens' Nuclear Information Center
A Research on the Safety Issue of Nuclear Plants at the Point of Material-aging 1,000,000
SATO Reiko,
YUSHO Support Center
A follow up Study of YUSHO Patients, a Cohort highly exposed to Dioxin 34 years ago.(Include comparative study of Taiwan YUSHO patients) 1,000,000
Okinawa Environmental Network
Establishment of Participatory System Involving Residents toward Resolution of Environmental Problems Stemmed from U.S. Military Bases and their Activities on Okinawa 600,000
YAMASHITA Hiroyoshi,
PROJECT TEAM HAMAGURI in Japan/Korea Tidal-flats Joint Survey Group
Silent Tideland: Extinctions of Hard Clam and Food Culture in Japan and Korea 300,000
Research into the Problems and Safety of Spent Fuel Intermediate Storage Facilities
A Survey of Actual Conditions in Germany and Switzerland
SANO Mariko,
Green Consumer Tokyo-net
Research of the Social Influence Accompanying Biodegradable Plastics Spread, and Countermeasures 300,000

Training Grants for Japan in 2003

Name / Group
Training Theme
NAGASE-Reimer Keiko Social History of the Irradiation of Microwave on Human Bodies and the Perception about its Influences 500,000
SASAGAWA Momoyo Visiting Study in the Sustainable Energy Island "Samso": Socio-political Study of Public Involvement and Possible Community Development in Renewable Promotion 500,000
TATSUZAWA Shirou Practice and Investigation on Method and Social System of Scientific Counsel and Advisory for Civilian Ecosystem Conservation 500,000

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