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Grantee in Japan

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Research Grant for Japan in 2005

Name / Group
Research Title
The Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity of Nagashima Island (ACoBiNI)
Endangered Biodiversity of Nagashima Island: an Evaluation of Preparatory Geological Surveys for Kaminoseki Nuclea Power Plant. 1,200,000
SASAKI Akira A Study and Video Production Warning a Potential Danger of Large-scale Flood-control Dams. 800,000
YAMASHITA Hiroyoshi,
Onyu-jima Natural History Research Group
Study of Natural History of Ishima-ura, Onyu-jima, Saiki, Ooita. 800,000
HIGUCHI Michiyo Rational Drug Use by Local Health Professionals at Community Level in Timor-Leste, and Impacts of Training. 600,000
TSURU Shoko Verify the History of Yatsushiro Bay's Abnormalities Hearing from Fishermen. 300,000
UEDA Takenori Risk Study of Electromagnetic Field from Noncontact IC Card Facility. 250,000
BAN Hideyuki,
Citizens' Nuclear Information Center
Research Project into the Social Costs of Nuclear Energy. 500,000
OKUDA Natsuki An Estimation of the Validity Concerning the Natural Use of Ecotourism in Japan. 500,000
TAKEMINE Seiichiro How the US has Responded to the Nuclear Damage:In the Case of the Marshall Islands. 600,000
TAJIRI Masami,
The Study Group for the Environment and Human Welfare on Minamata Disease
Investigation Researches on the Recovery Support from Life and Human Right of Minamata Disease as Social Welfare Academic Aspects. 500,000
SATO Shinichi,
Group for Conservation Ecological Research on the Isahaya Bay
Conservation Ecological Research on "Disaster of the Ariake Sea" caused by the Isahaya Reclamation Project. 300,000
KOUDA Satoshi A Research on the Actual Conditions of Diesel Exhaust Gas Regulation in the Metropolitan Area and its Effects and Perspective of Environmental Policy on Automobiles. 300,000

Training Grants for Japan in 2005

Name / Group
Training Theme
MATSUNO Ryoko Regulating Endocrine Disrupters. 600,000

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