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Grantee in Japan

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Research Grant for Japan in 2004

Name / Group
Research Title
OKAMOTO Hisashi Investigation of the Scientific Rule that Determines the Sedimentation Velocity of Dams in Japan 350,000
MANO Kyoko Historical Research of Sterilization with Radiation Exposure 300,000
KOSHIDA Kiyokazu Looking Back the Anti-Oil Power Plant Project Movement at Date City 300,000
Reseach Group of the Landslide Induced by the Otaki Dam
Study of the Landslide Induced by the Ponding of the Otaki Dam in Nara Prefecture from the Viewpoint of Disaster Prevention for Citizens 600,000
YUSHO Support Center
Interviewing Survey on Yusho Patients: To Compile Hearing Data on Yusho Patients 1,100,000
Friends of the NAGI
Study the Actual Condition of Habitual Use of Irrigation Water which has been Used Since the Edo Period to Make Reference Data for River Management and Preservation of Environment in a New Age 250,000
Citizens against Formaldehyde Leaving in the Sea Around the Amakusa Aslands
1) Study on Chemical Compounds which Come from Formalin
2) Research on Chemical Analysis of the Seabed around Fish Farms
The Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity of Nagashima Island (ACoBiNI)
The Investigation and Elucidation of the Natural Environment and Ecosystem of Nagashima, where there are Plans to Build the Kaminoseki Nuclear Power Plant; and Practical Trial and Verification towards the Establishment of a Method to Protect and Preserve it 1,100,000
FURUKAWA Michiaki ,
JCO Criticality Accident Comprehensive Assessment Committee
Publication of English Translation of a Research Report on Causes and Influences of JCO Criticality Accident 300,000
SAWAI Masako,
Citizens' Nuclear Information Center
Comprehensive Critical Study on the Rokkasho Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Plant 1,000,000
Research Group for Geological Disposal Problems
Critical Investigation of Geological Disposal of Nuclear Waste in Japan 350,000
BAN Hideyuki,
Citizens' Nuclear Information Center
A Study on Safety Problems Assisted by Introduction of In-service Inspection System 900,000

Training Grants for Japan in 2004

Name / Group
Training Theme
MATSUNO Ryoko Regulating Endocrine Disrupters 500,000
OKUDA Minori The Analysis of Environmental Law, Administrative Legislation Procedure and Citizen's Movement from the Viewpoint of Environmental Justice---the case study of a polluted community in San Francisco 200,000

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