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Grantee in Japan

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Research Grant for Japan in 2008

Name / Group
Research Title
Izawa Shinichi,
Non GM Association Aichi
Investigation and prevention for the spread and contamination of genetically modified rapeseed around Nagoya and Yokkaichi Port. 200,000
Morigami Noriyasu,
NPO Toxic Volatile Organic Compounds In The Air Research Association
Research of the Air Pollution from Plastic Waste Treatments using a Simple Chromatographic Analysis. 200,000
Endo Kunio,
Minamata Disease Center Soshisha
Research on an environmental impact of the planned industrial waste disposal site in Minamata city. 500,000
Sekiguchi Tetsuo,
Publishing Committee of A White Paper "The Industrial Waste Problems in Nagano Prefecture"
On Editing and Publishing of A White Paper "The Industrial Waste Problems in Nagano Prefecture". 200,000
Endo Yasuo,
Team WED -Why Empty Dam
Research on flood-control-dam-to-be multiple-purpose-dam. 700,000
Kato Akiko,
The place thinking about the Sainokuni-resource of circulation factries
Environmental investigation about the Sainokuni-resource of circulation factries. 400,000
Maeda Toshinori,
Western Saitama Group to Protect Soil, Water & Air
Survey of Hazardous Heavy Metal Contamination in Soil Samples of Mountains Consisting of Wastes(Illegal Disposal of Industrial Wastes). 300,000
Suzuki Masako,
Association to Protect Northernmost Dugong
Okinawa dugong conservation strategy by grassroots based on field survey of the habitat and cultural survey. 500,000
Hamada Koichi,
The environmental influence survey of the Echo- cement-izes factory at the Hinode Town. 500,000
Takashima Midori,
Association for the Conservation of Nagashima
Ecology and bait resources investigation into rare seabird in the Kaminoseki Nuclear Power Plant planned site around sea area. 900,000
Matsui Hideko,
NPO TOMO Community Studio
Solving a puzzle of the port facilities in Edo Period. 200,000
Saeki Natsuko,
Network for Indonesian Democracy, Japan
Japan's ODA & Investment for Energy Exploitation in Indonesia. 200,000
Uchida Shoko,
Electronic Waste to Asia -Research & Build Alert Networks of Toxic Trade. 300,000
Yuasa Yoshichika,
Researchers on the Aging Problem of Nuclear Power Plant
An examination of nuclear reactor aging in consideration of seismic effects. 700,000
Ishii Toru,
Governance of Bettou-river and critical verification of river improvement. 250,000
Mori Sayaka
To Live with the River; how residents of Kuma River watershed who is opposed Kawabegawa dam create their flood control measure without dam construction? 200,000
Furukawa Michiaki,
Measurement project on the radioactive nuclides emission from the Rokkasho reprocessing plant
Studies on the emission of radioactive nuclides from The Rokkasho reprocessing plant. 1,100,000
Noda Tomoko,
The habitant's group for nature protection of Miura and Omura Bay
Water survey in Omura city Seibu-cho Egawa valley and Grasp of ecosystem of the sea area in the mouth of Egawa river. 200,000

Training Grants for Japan in 2008

Name / Group
Training Theme
Onoda Shinji
Nemoto Masaya
Internalization of A-bomb sufferings and its practice. 500,000
Toku Eriko
"Designing of Leadership training, measuring it's effectiveness for empowering people on the field of International cooperation-case study in Timor Leste". 300,000
Sawada Shinichiro
The actual condition of the Asbestos victims in Osaka Sennan and the verification of asbestos public nuisance problem. 100,000

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