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Grantee in Japan

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Research Grant for Japan in 2018 (New projects)

Name / Group
Research Title
Takano Satoshi
The study about the strategies of anti-nuclear groups to the public engagement commission on Shin-Gori nuclear power plant 5th and 6th reactor in South-Korea 500,000
Tadashi Mitsuda
Fukuichi Area Environmental Radiation Monitoring Project
Fukuichi Area Environmental Radiation Monitoring Project 500,000
Hikaru Amano Characteristic of radioactive contamination in Ibaraki prefecture due to the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plants Accident 850,000
Ichino Kazuo,
Geological Survey Team of the Shitara Dam Area
Geological Survey of the Shitara Dam Project Area, part 2 400,000
Ajiro Taro,
Environmental EFM Research Group
technology assessment of 5G (5th generation mobile communication system) focusing on the risk of exposure to electromagnetic waves 940,000
Mikiko Watanabe,
Radiation-exposed Workers' Solidarity Network
International comparative research on radiation-exposed workers in terms of their actual work condition, workplace safety and their accident compensation system (II). 1,000,000
Ito Nobuyoshi
On-site research on radioactive contamination of living environment of Iitate Village for the villagers' information 400,000
Eisuke Matsui,
Preserving Deciduous Teeth Network (PDTN)
Establishing a methodology for the determination of Sr-90 contamination in individuals and the measurement of radioactive strontium-90 in the deciduous teeth 800,000
Tomomi Akagi
Survey on companies that experienced "Food recall" caused by allergy labeling 400,000
Yutaka Tashiro
Environmental pollution monitoring with participation of citizens around US military facilities in Okinawa 800,000
Suzuki Manami
"Nuclear Legacy"Management in Taiwan:With Emphasis on Citizens' Movement Initiative 400,000
Igarashi Masahiro
On thyroid cancer in Poland after Chernobyl nuclear disaster. 300,000
Kazuyo Hanai
Association on Sexual Violence and Conflict in DR Congo (ASVCC)
Research on Resource Exploitation and Human Rights Violation in the Democratic Republic of Congo 600,000

Research Grant for Japan in 2018(Ongoing projects)

Name / Group
Research Title
Yuka Kiguchi,
Mekong Watch
Biomass Power Generation in Thailand and its Impact on the Livelihood of Local Communities 300,000
Kazumasa Aoki,
Citizens Against Fukushima Aging Nuclear Power Plants (Fukuro-no-Kai)
Investigation and environmental pollution monitoring of radioactive waste "recycling plan" 500,000
Kaizaburo Saito,
HACASE (Hokkaido Active Citizen's Association of SciEnce)
Scientific consideration on problems of the nuclear power plant and underground nuclear waste depositories in Hokkaido 300,000
Sayo Saruta,
New Diplomacy Initiative
An Examination of Trends in US Stakeholders Regarding US-Japan Nuclear Cooperation Agreement 400,000
Fukakusa Ayumi,
Friends of the Earth Japan
Research on social and environmental impacts of renewable energy development 300,000
Sayaka Funada-Classen,
The Concerned Citizens Group with Global Food System
International Evaluation of Environmental and Social Impact of the "Global Food Value Chain-Made WITH Japan & All Japan" Policy towards "Developing Countries" 400,000
Kiyumi Oyama,
Second Term:Analysis and utilization of radiation contamination database of soil and food 500,000
Sakagami Takeshi,
Citizen's Eyes on Nuclear Regulation
Research study about Reflecting the intention of residents concerning judgement of restart of the Tokai Daini Nuclear Power Plant 300,000

Research Grant for Japan (Special project) 2015-2019

Name / Group
Research Title
Oda Yoshitaka,
Mother's Radiation Lab Fukushima

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