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Grantee in Japan

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Research Grant for Japan in 2019 (New projects)

Name / Group
Research Title
Yamamoto Akiko,
The Policies of Guam Government on Environment Pollution Caused by the U.S. Military Base: Implication for Okinawa 400,000
Hanai Kazuyo,
Association on Sexual Violence and Conflict in DR Congo (ASVCC)
Research on Resource Exploitation and Human Rights Violation in the Democratic Republic of Congo 800,000
Amano Hikaru, Ibaraki Environmental Radiation Monitoring Project Characteristic of radioactive contamination in Ibaraki prefecture due to the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plants Accident (2) 400,000
Suzuki Koro,
Mesothelioma Support Caravan
Peer support and exposure survey for mesothelioma patients 1,000,000
Yamamoto Umi,
Research on the air emissions of micro plastic particles from personal care products. 400,000
Takahashi Hisashi,
Project team to return to brackish water, Kahokugata Lake Institute
Fundamental research towards the re-brackishment of Kahokugata I. Organizing tasks 500,000
Yamazaki Maho,
A study on a residential reasoning over construction of the embankment in tsunami-affected areas. 200,000
Shigihara Atsuko,
Kawajiri Tsuyoshi
Shima Akemi,
Study on residents measures for decontamination in Date City and study on the details of writing process of Miyazaki-Hayano papers as well as criticism and verification of the papers by citizens 1,000,000

Research Grant for Japan in 2019(Ongoing projects)

Name / Group
Research Title
Mitsuda Tadashi,
Fukuichi Area Environmental Radiation Monitoring Project
Fukuichi Area Environmental Radiation Monitoring Project 500,000
Hashimoto Yoichi,
An investigation of the victimized fishermen of the radioactivity in the Pacific Ocean and the relief measures for them 500,000
Ito Nobuyoshi,
Field study of the state of radiocontamination in Iitate village environment for the sake of villagers 250,000
Aoki Kazumasa,
Citizens Against Fukushima Aging Nuclear Power Plants (Fukuro-no-Kai)
Investigation and environmental pollution monitoring about Disposal of Radioactive Waste by incineration 500,000
Maekawa Seiji,
The Save-Awase-Higata Association
To detect the change of environments and biota of the Awase tidal flat by the landfill construction 400,000
Radiation-exposed Workers’ Solidarity Network
International comparative research on radiation-exposed workers in terms of their actual work condition, workplace safety and their accident compensation system (V). 500,000
Kitagawa Tsutomu,
Participatory environmental research around the planned waste disposal site including radioactive waste 400,000
Kawata Masaharu,
Non GMO Association,Chubu-District,Japan
Research on the volunteer native and hybrids of imported genetically modified rapeseed on the road along the transportation route. 300,000

Research Grant for Japan (Special project) 2015-2019

Name / Group
Research Title
Oda Yoshitaka,
Mother's Radiation Lab Fukushima

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