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Grantee in Japan

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Research Grant for Japan in 2020(New projects)

Name / Group
Research Title
Suzuki Koro,
Mesothelioma Support Caravan
Peer support and exposure survey for mesothelioma patients. 1,000,000
Soeda Takashi, Creation of a public database of trial materials and government documents related to the TEPCO nuclear accident. 800,000
Kimura Makiko, Citizens' Group on Reconciliation after the WWII in Nagaland and Manipur World War II and Reconciliation in Northeast India: Unknown Damages and Unrealized War Compensation. 800,000
Matsudaira Naoya,
The association of the UN peasants declaration and Decade of family farming
Research for strengthening advocacy by Japanese peasants and family farmers who have received the UN Declaration on Rights of peasants and decade of family farming. 800,000
Okubo Nami,
Investigation of marine biota in Shiraho and Taketomi in order to protect from construction of resort hotels. 700,000
Satoshi Takano,
The Research on the anti-nuke frame extension by social movement organizations in the process of the second public engagement commission on Spent Nuclear Fuel in Korea. 400,000
Yamamoto Umi,
The qualitative analysis of fine particles in the air emissions from personal care products. 500,000

Research Grant for Japan in 2020(Ongoing projects)

Name / Group
Research Title
Hashimoto Yoichi,
An investigation of the victimized fishermen of the radioactivity in the Pacific Ocean and the relief measures for them. We will cooperate with researchers in out of the country to get information of Bikini affair and to spread materials of explanation (English version). 500,000
Oki Kazuhiko,
Citizen's radiation measurement laboratory Kyushu(Q-Beq)
Establishment of the Q-beq Radioactivity Visualization Department using an imaging plate, and proposal for visualization of radiation in the soil visualization of chemical substances. 250,000
Amano Hikaru,
Ibaraki Environmental Radiation Monitoring Project
Characteristic of radioactive contamination in Ibaraki prefecture and nearby due to the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plants Accident (3). 400,000
Hanai Kazuyo,
Research on Resource Exploitation and Human Rights Violation in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 500,000
Kighchi Yuka,
Mekong Watch
Kitazawa Tsutomu,
Participatory environmental research around the planned waste disposal site including radioactive waste. 400,000

Research Grant for Japan (Special project) 2015-2019

Name / Group
Research Title
Oda Yoshitaka,
Mother's Radiation Lab Fukushima

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